Is all of your jewellery solid sterling silver?
We guarantee that every item of jewellery we sell is solid sterling silver. Every piece which is over the legal required weight carries a full UK hallmark.

I have a piece of cutlery I would like making into an item of jewellery. Can you help?
Absolutely, this is something we do on a regular basis. Many people have silverware that has been left to them by a relative and has sat in the back of the draw unused for years. To have it made into a piece of wearable jewellery is a fantastic way to remember them.
Please contact us for further details

Where can we buy/view your jewellery?
We sell a small selection of our Jewellery online through our Etsy shop (Dandelion Silver).  You are also welcome to visit us in our studio where you can look through our full collection. 

Throughout the year we attend a variety of festivals and artisan markets where you are also welcome to view and buy. Please check our blog page for upcoming events.