Cutlery Jewellery

Making one-off pieces of designer jewellery from recycled cutlery was where it all started for Dandelion Silver. Although there are a number of makers using cutlery, Dandelion Silver ensure all their jewellery is created from British sterling silver cutlery, we never use silver plate or continental silver (which has a much lower silver content). We see this as the ultimate in recycling, taking unwanted or unused cutlery and transforming it in to stunning, wearable pieces of jewellery.

Along side the range of recycled cutlery jewellery he also designs and creates more traditional pieces and is happy to accept commissions.

When not hard at work at his bench, he’s either searching for the next piece of cutlery at many of the antique shops in the area or displaying his work at numerous festivals and artisan markets held throughout the year.
The jewellery features in this brochure have all been made by the artist and is guaranteed 100% sterling silver. Where legally required all jewellery has a full U.K. asssay mark.